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Last updated: March, 2005

Styles: Kaleidoscope News!

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LATEST K NEWS: A sad ending to the development of Kaleidoscope. In case you don't know, Kaleidoscope is useable in OSX under the Classic setting. It appears that Greg will not be updating Kaleidoscope for OSX/Jaguar. Due to Apple's use of Carbon, K2 would have to be completely rewritten - however, Kaleidoscope can still be used in OS 7.0 through OS9.2+ and can be continued to be used under Classic. (This is the reason I am no longer making new schemes.)

AOL K users and those who want instructions on installing desktop patterns:
Please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Please take a look at a photo gallery of my one-of-a-kind Styles Jewelry pieces, genuine high-quality sterling silver and gold vermeil fine gemstone/pearl/cloisonne/cinnabar/lampwork pieces at low prices, each one hand-crafted and individually designed by me at: Styles Auction Gallery. Please allow time for loading!

March, 2005:
I've added some images of me when younger and as a dancer so folks who are curious will be able to know what I looked like. (I was pretty but didn't know it.) Click Here to See The image on the front page is current, of me this week.

Febnruary, 2005:
All pages onsite have now been updated with the correct contact information - sorry, I had my old email address on most of my pages after having to change servers several months ago, but it's correct now.

January, 2005:
I'm attempting to get my website updated and will post lastest versions of all items and information. (my own nostalgia - I miss doing K2 schemes/Mac graphics....) Feel free to check pages to determine if you have all you want here. Check out: MP3 music files from my sons. Brett graduated from North Carolina School of the Arts and is now the tubist for the Fayetteville (NC) Symphony Orchestra. Garth is a rock/drum corps drummer, and Derek plays bass, lead guitar, drums, and sings rock..

October, 2004:
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! For those of us who love the individual variety available through the phenomenal Mac Kaleidoscope control panel which enables and empowers us in creating our very own special desktop appearance (unlike all the run-of-the-mill PCs), and refuse to "move up" to Jaguar, I will continue to keep my software available.

July 26, 2004:
NOSTALGIA: I have had several requests lately for a Styles Volume 1 CD which contains all 53 original Styles color schemes plus bonus Styles software. If you want one for your Mac, please see the pricing page or CD order to print out an order form.

January 14, 2003:
The new, last NAUS has been posted!! I have several schemes there - go get 'em.

December 30, 2002:
I have submitted several schemes for the last NAUS to be posted. Schemes for the last NAUS have to be submitted by December 31, 2002 and should be posted the first week of January, 2003. Be sure to check it out as I will have several schemes previously unreleased to the general public in the last NAUS and final updates of Winter Wonderland and Wood Nymph. The url for the NAUS page is: HERE Happy New Year, everyone!

November 15, 2002:
STYLES Jewelry has been updated and another page of items added!!

August 19, 2002:
I have actually released a new scheme, Calabash, which is a new version of Kismet with all blue-greens - downloadable from the New and Updated Schemes page at and here on my website! Oh, Plaid and Pinstripe have also been updated. Enjoy!!

June 13, 2002:
I have updated my Styles Jewelry website with new items and a page featuring collectible boxes, etc. Neat gift ideas!

June 12, 2002:
I have upgraded my website to do away with all those annoying ads, so please explore all my webpages!!

November 27:
Check out our newest addition! Proudly announcing Parris Skateboards!!! All oak hardwood skateboards, custom handmade in a design reminiscent of the boards made in California in the mid to late 60s. Take a ride down memory lane on an exceptionally FAST board - great for racing!!



Overwheming thanks to all my loyal customers You cannot *possibly* know how much I love and appreciate you!!! (You know your updates were always free). My husband's loss of work lately and the responsibility for Heather (my Rett Syndrome daughter) and a son with a phychotic disorder (never thought I'd have 2 handicapped children) makes it imperative that I earn something from my work. (If I were well-off, all my creations would be free - how I *wish* I could do that!!) I love my customers so much - you have made it all worthwhile, and your messages, love, kindnesses, and support will always be remembered!!

I am now creating one-of-a-kind genuine gemstone jewelry, which I have on my Ebay listings. If you like my schemes, you might want to drop by and take a look! Each jewelry item (mostly earrings) are designed and completely handmade by me, each is a one-of-a-kind piece, and is created with the same care and individuality my schemes were. My jewelry items are lovely, if I do say so myself, and would make great Christmas, Chanukkah, or birthday gifts (or treat yourself if you love beautiful things - not expensive). GREAT prices for genuine gemstones, lovely pearls, imported cloisonne, and fine lampwork - all with sterling silver or rich gold vermeil. They can be found at:

My Ebay Gallery

October 14th:
I have expanded my Gallery, so please drop by and take a LOOK! Many prints are now for sale and I am also taking commissions on pencil portraits. Be sure to see the one of my son on the new Gallery page to see what they're like!

May 15th:
Now it is possible for you to use your Visa or MasterCard to pay for my software, if you so desire, by using the free PayPal service. Be sure to email me your order, then you can pay online. Click the logo for more information.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Important K2 information for aol users:
This is for all AOL members who are having problems unstuffing K schemes:

1. Make sure you have the latest Kaleidoscope installed. You can get this from
2. If AOL is messing up the .sit files and not allowing you to unstuff them with StuffIt Expander, get the file located at
3. Whenever you download a .sit file that won't expand, just drop it on the KSA AutoTyper and it should turn into a proper .sit file with color icon, etc. THEN you can drop it on StuffIt Expander and it will properly decompress.
4. Double click the enclosed scheme file and enjoy. =)
I also recommend checking Netscape/IE prefs to make sure that StuffIt Expander is set as the helper app for x-stuffit archives.

Instructions for using desktop patterns:

First, open each pattern to see which ones you would like to install. (Your Desktop Pictures control panel will hold up to 226 patterns, by the way.) Close the patterns, remembering which ones you want to install. Open your Desktop Pictures control panel and click on Patterns (NOT Pictures) at the top left-hand side of the panel. To the right in the large window, you will see the patterns displayed. Simply drag any (unopened) patterns you wish to install to the display area of the control panel, and they will self-install. Bwala! You have newly-installed desktop patterns.

In the future if you would like to uninstall a pattern, but save it, drag the pattern to the desktop, where you will have a fresh copy. ( If you do not want to save it, you can skip this step.) Select the pattern you wish to get rid of and hit the delete button on your Mac. It's gone, but if you have saved the copy, you can reinstall it at a later time. Drag and drop makes everything simple.

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