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Gallery of Creations, II

I now have prints of some of my artwork available for purchase on Ebay, or you can order directly from me if interested. Prints are 8" x 11 1/2" with a small white border, ready for framing. Price per print is listed below - please add $2.50 extra for postage - foreign postage - $4.00; each is printed on 67 lb cardstock and personally signed by me. There are also others available for purchase not posted here; if interested, please email me for pictures/prices.

Please view my Ebay auctions!

This is a pencil portrait of one of my children, entitled "Precious Son". Available as a print if desired, $4.50. If you are interested in having a similar portrait (I'm very good at realistic portraits) in pencil of an adult or child done from a photo, please email me. Price for a signed original pencil, 8 1/2" by 11", is $95.00.

To view a closeup of this print, Please CLICK HERE.

A fantasy painting, Unicorn Fantasy, done in a surrealist-immpressionist style, of a very stylized unicorn landscape. Original media - watercolor and ink. Also for sale, $5 per print.

To see a closeup of this work, please CLICK HERE.

"Tropical Twilight"is a detail of one of my oil paintings - a print of this oil detail is also available as a print for purchase; $5.00.

To view a closeup of this print, please CLICK HERE.

View another painting which is available - Style: Surreal; $5.00, entitled "Surreal Forest" done originally in flowing oil-based inks.

For an order form for my art prints to fill out and mail in, click: Art Print Order Form

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