Here is a STYLES Art Print Order Form for you to print out and mail in; foreign users may make a check out to the amount in US dollars and write "US funds" beside the amount. It will be converted in the U.S.

Order Form for Janet Parris STYLES Art Prints

All prints are 8 1/2" by 11". Each print will be personally signed and shipped first-class postage.
Please fill out this form (or copy the information) and mail it with the proper amount to:

Janet Parris
105 Random Lane
Burlington, NC 27215

First name: ___________________(optional)
Last name: ____________________(optional)
E-mail: ____________________@ _________________________________(recommended for order confirmation)

Mailing Name and Address for print to be shipped to (required):

Please check prints to order:
"Surreal Forest" (___)
"Tropical Twilight" (___)
"In The Arms of Love" (___)
"The Lost Lamb" (____)
"Precious Son" (___)
"Rainbow Puddles" (___)
"Christmas Morning" (___)
"Discovery!" (___)
"Autumn Leaves" (___)
"See My New Doll!" (___)
"Buddies" (___)
"Sunset" (___)
"Puppy and Me" (___)
"Around The Very NextCorner" (___)
"Secrets By Firelight" BW (___)
"Friends" BW (___)
"Ballet Class" BW (___)
"New Dog!" BW (___)
"Tooth Fairy Treasure" BW (___)
"Parade!" BW (___)
"Birthday Party" BW (___)
"Flower Basket" (___)

All prints listed above (___)

I want an original signed Janet Parris 8 1/2" by 11" pencil portrait from a photo :

Price, $95.00, includes postage and shipping

Enclosed is ________________ total, equivalent of US funds:

$5 per print pus shipping - $8.00 - includes postage/shipping for all color prints except "Around The Very Next Corner"
$4.50 for the following prints - $7.50 - includes postage/shipping for "Precious Son", "The Lost Lamb", "In The Arms of Love", and "Around The Very Next Corner
$3.50 for all other black and white prints - $6.50 -includes postage/shipping
$95.00 (inclusive of postage and shipping) for an original signed pencil portrait from a photo
Foreign orders, please add $3 extra for postage.

*Note: Please allow a week to 10 days for shipping (although with first-class, it should take less, except for foreign orders). All orders will be processed within 48 hours of receipt. Custom orders will take longer. Thank you for your order!!

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Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Janet Parris

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