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Styles Pricing
Largest variety in K schemes on the web!!

For a list of all schemes and which CDs they are on, please see: Schemes

The original Custom Cursor package, More Custom Cursors, Left-Handed Custom Cursors, and More Left Custom Cursors are free to everyone and downloadable as an introduction to my cursor software line - see Custom Cursors for them.

Cursor CDs contain all my cursors, the above listed freeware cursors AND the following custom sets. Cursor sets contain 8 to 12 individual cursors each (24-36 cursors in each 3 sets).

Custom cursor packages include: Floral Cursors, Bird Cursors, Big Cursors, Fun Cursors, Pastel Cursors, Holiday Cursors, Fancy Cursors, Vivid Cursors, Guys Cursors, More Fun Cursors, JewelGlow Cursors, Neat Cursors, Patterned Cursors, Mod Cursors, Fat Arrow Cursors, and Triangle Cursors, over 200 cursors in all.


Please note: *ALL* my schemes include custom cursors, window patterns, utility patterns, desktop patterns, and most K2 resources. Please see List for which schemes are on each CD.

  • Holiday Schemes CD (17 Holiday Schemes, Holiday Icons, Animated Holiday Icons, AND Holiday Cursors) - $14.00 total - includes first class postage/shipping/jewel case

  • Cursor (Over 200 designer Mac cursors) CD - $23.50 - includes all Mac cursors plus package of bonus designer cursors and added software - price includes first class postage/shipping/jewel case

  • Desktop Textures (over 510 background textures for the desktop) - $23.50 - textures and bonus software - price includes postage/shipping/jewel case

  • Styles Volume 1 (53 schemes plus bonus software) - $20 + $3.50 postage/handling jewel case, or $23.50 total.

  • Styles Complete Software CD - (COMPLETE - includes ALL Holiday Schemes, Vol. 1, 2, 3, K2 CD Schemes - over 150 schemes, all 200+ Styles Cursors, all 512 Desktop Textures, PLUS icons and animated icons. MANY megabytes of my hand-drawn, pixel-by-pixel, custom-designed software - literally thousands of hours in the creation ) - $50 + $3.50 postage/handling, $53.50 total, jewel case free. (Sorry, but due to the increase in postal rates and shipping materials, I've had to add these into the price.)

    Since each CD will be made individually, each order will also include bonus software (icons, animated icons, Bach scheme, Amidala and Menace on K2 CD, Custom Cursors on some, extra holiday textures, etc.) unavailable otherwise. Each CD will have a custom Styles label unless specified *not* to have it.

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    Last updated: March, 2005

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