Styles: Cursor and Icon Software by Janet Parris

Cursor and Icon software by Janet Parris

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Note: I have started a line of cursors for those who want unique Macintosh cursors. Price: Three sets for $5. Drop them into your extensions folder (only one at a time), to match your schemes. (I reduced the price because I've created more sets than I thought I would.) Freeware cursors include the original free Custom Cursor package, More Custom Cursors, Left-Handed Custom Cursors, and new More LeftCustom Cursors which are free to everyone and downloadable as an introduction to this software line. I have also added new freeware gemstone icons which are now downloadable; click on a link to see images of what is in the set an/or download it.

Shareware cursor packages available include: Floral Cursors, Bird Cursors, Big Cursors, Fun Cursors, More Fun Cursors, Neat Cursors, Pastel Cursors, Holiday Cursors, Fancy Cursors, Vivid Cursors, Guys Cursors, JewelGlow Cursors, Patterned Cursors, Mod Cursors, Triangle Cursors, and Fat Arrow Cursors.

Cursor sets

Freeware sets

Custom Cursors
Updated January 18, 1999
More Custom Cursors
Updated January 18, 1999
Left-Handed Custom Cursors
Updated January 18, 1999
More Left Cursors
January 18, 1999

Shareware sets

Big Cursors
January 7, 1998
Bird Cursors
September 22, 1997
Fancy Cursors
September 22, 1997
Fat Arrow Cursors
November 6, 1998
Floral Cursors
January 26, 1998
Fun Cursors
January 28, 1998
Guys Cursors
October 13, 1997
Holiday Cursors
October 13, 1997
JewelGlow Cursors
February 6, 1998
Mod Cursors
April 23, 1998
More Fun Cursors
January 9, 1998
Neat Cursors
January 23, 1999
Pastel Cursors
October 13, 1997
Patterned Cursors
October 13, 1997
Triangle Cursors
April 23, 1998
Vivid Cursors
October 13, 1997


Freeware Icons

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