Here is a registration form for you to print out and mail in; foreign users may make a check out to the amount and write "US funds" beside the amount. It will be converted in the U.S.:

Registration form for Styles Kaleidoscope Color Schemes

By registering shareware and/or freeware, you encourage its continued creation.
Registering Styles Color Schemes will give you the following:
- a freebie color scheme
- schemes mailed directly to your desktop
- access to me by email for help/to offer suggestions (Registered users get priority.)
- the satisfaction of knowing you have helped encourage the creation of more software

Please fill out this form and mail it to:

Janet Parris
105 Random Lane
Burlington, NC 27215

First name: ____________________________________________________
Last name: ____________________________________________________
E-mail: ____________________@ ________________________________
Web site: ____________________________________________________

If no e-mail, please give an address to reach you by mail:
___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

Please write in names of downloaded schemes to register:
_______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________

Enclosed is ________________________________, equivalent of $5 US for 5 schemes (plus freebies), $10 for 12 schemes (plus freebies), $20 for 30 schemes, $25 for 50 schemes, $30 for 75 schemes, or $35 for 100 enhanced for K2 schemes . K2 schemes are, of necessity, more pricey as it takes at least four times as long to create them. K2 schemes (those with K2 windows) are: 1-9 schemes - $2.50 apiece, and 10 or more K2 schemes - $2 per scheme.

This is my order for non-downloadable schemes to be mailed to my desktop:
_______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________

Note: Schemes are also available on CD; see CD orders. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Janet Parris
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Cursor URL:

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